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Shopping in yoga class

yoga class
Bad dog: I am scoping out your outfit, not looking at my navel

Sometimes you do things you shouldn’t. Like eat a box of chocolates that was meant to be shared, grab a subway seat that should really go to someone else, or shop during yoga class.

I don’t mean to do any of these things. But the other day, I found myself obsessively drawn to adorable yoga pants and tops on display at one my regular yoga studios.

Unfortunately for the stylish yogis in my class, this meant I was semi-staring at their attire-in-motion. What can I say? Real yogis make the best mannequins!

I’m sure my practice semi-suffered for those 90 minutes while visions of sugar-plum-colored tanks danced in my head—along with the not-so-mindful mantra of “gimme, gimme.”

So I did some searching (on the internet, not in the depths of my soul) for what it was that so captivated and inspired me. I’m still looking for the yoga pants with slatted sides (Creem Collection, perhaps?) and a tie-dye boatneck sweatshirt that opens in the back. I’m kinda hoping they’re under my tree… —Melisse Gelula

Be Present Micro Modal Dancer Cami

I love a skimpy strap and a v-neck that doesn’t strangle. Be Present Micro Modal Dancer Cami, $49,

Yoga pants Lucy Hatha Capri

The stripes on the legs give these pants a little something special. I think they’ll make me want to try harder when kicking into handstand. Lucy Hatha Capri, $68,

Yoga top Zobha Cap Sleeve Tee

This is the simple (yet kind-of-glam) top I want to wear over my practice tank until I warm up. The open neckline that shows the tank straps is really what it’s all about for me. Zobha Cap Sleeve Tee (it comes in “sugar plum” punch), $48,