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Show us your chia seed culinary chops!

chia recipe
Got a recipe like this Pumpkin, Cashew, and Chia Soup? Tag it with #iheartchia before February 14 to be in our Guide! (Photo: The Chia Co.)


Chia seeds have serious nutritional superpowers, which is why we’ve teamed up with The Chia Co. to create The Ultimate Guide to Chia Seeds, an incredible magazine-style download that will be available to all Well+Good subscribers this March!

In addition to everything you need to know about their healthy benefits, we want to showcase chia seeds’ culinary versatility. And yours!

Do you have all kinds of kitchen skills when it comes to chia seeds?

Share your most delicious, creative chia seed recipes with us through February 14 by tagging them with #iheartchia on Instagram, Twitter,  Facebook, or Pinterest. 

(Tag @WellandGoodNYC and @TheChiaCompany for more social visibility and fun!)

We’ll pick the three best recipes—from smoothies, salads, entrees, puddings, and more—to be included in our Guide, with your name attached, officially cementing your healthy chef stardom. Next up for you: Top Chef Chia Masters?

Start sharing now! Tag your chia recipes with #iheartchia

(We’re considering recipes through February 14, 2014, and will contact the winners via social.)