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6 wellness sacrifices we’ve made for our bank statements that don’t totally sting

affordable pilates We don’t always feel good spending tons of money on things that are meant for wellness—$5.99 for a pint of organic tomatoes! $200 massage! So, inspired by MP Dunleavey’s approach to wellness budgeting, here are some wellness spending sacrifices we’ve been willing to make. Or, better yet, swap out.

1. Instead of getting a massage at a spa, try one of our vetted outposts of Bargain Bodywork or wait for Deal Days or Spa Week, both offered twice a year, when treatments are $50

2. Instead of buying $7 smoothies, commit to making your own. Summer smoothies can add up, making the latte factor look like loose change.

3. Instead of joining a CSA and paying for boxes of ramps and rhubarb that you haven’t a clue how to use, buy just what you need at a farmer’s market.

4. Instead of paying the going rate for specialty fitness classes; subscribe to Groupon, Lifebooker, and Yipit for amazing deals on everything from boot camps to Pilates.

5. Instead of paying for monthly facials, scale back to four times a year and ask your facialist to recommend an at-home peel and face mask you can use monthly for maintenance.

6. Instead of going away for the weekend and paying for lodging, focus on all the fabulous day-trip retreats that can be done from NYC. Check out Urban Escapes for hiking trips around Manhattan.