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Well+Good offers veggie-friendly alternatives to this year's hot costume—Lady Gaga's meat dress.
Photo Credit: MTV Newsroom

Halloween is just two weeks away, and we actually can’t think of anything more horrifying than wrapping your body in cuts of raw beef, which, I suppose, is the point of the holiday.

Still, we suggest you skip this year’s purported “costume of the year” for something a little less…meaty.

For Well+Good’s veggie-loving readers, here are some special wellness-approved ideas for trick-or-treating:

Sexy Kale Dress: Turn this year’s “it” vegetable into a chic wrap dress to compete with the hoards of sexy nurses and maids swarming past. And if you get hungry while dancing the night away, just take a bite—your dress will get sexier as the night progresses.

Yogi Zombie: Fool your victims with a Savasana before reaching for their brains during your sun salutation.

Vegetable Butcher (see: Mario Batali’s Eataly): Hey, a cleaver is a cleaver no matter what you’re chopping, right?