SLT joins the Flatiron fitness scene with a flagship studio

(Photo: SLT)
SLT Flatiron
(Photo: SLT)

SLT, New York’s original Megaformer studio, just staked out its spot in the fitness-packed Flatiron District, a neighborhood that it’s now hard to visit without breaking a serious sweat.

“We are so excited to open our Flatiron flagship because it’s our biggest studio to date, houses our new corporate office, has street visibility, and we’ve taken all of our learnings from our other studios and made it our best one yet,” says founder (and chief muscle torturer) Amanda Freeman.

SLT opened its first location three years ago, in September 2011, and since then, the brand has quietly built a small Megaformer empire that stretches from Westchester to New Jersey through Manhattan and to Eastern Long Island. The Flatiron opening comes just a month after a new studio debuted on the Upper East Side and brings the brand’s total studio count to nine.

In Manhattan, the small spaces have largely been hidden within giant buildings, but SLT Flatiron, on the second floor, has a giant street-facing wall of windows painted with the brand’s logo. On the other side of the glass, a front office now serves as SLT HQ.

Inside the workout space, which is white-washed, bright, and airy, there are 11 Megaformers, two bathrooms, and a changing room (but no showers).

Plus, some cheeky Baron Von Fancy artwork on the wall that reads “Better Sore Than Sorry.” It’s an appropriate slogan for a workout that, no matter where it opens a studio, always leaves you achy in that very awesome kind of way. —Lisa Elaine Held

SLT Flatiron, 137 Fifth Ave., at 21st St., 2nd floor, Flatiron District,

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