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SLT Yoga to open on May 1

SLT will apply its West Coast sensibility to its new sweaty, cardio-heavy yoga program, which will be headed up by Erin Jacques.
Erin Jacques
Erin Jacques will head up the new yoga program


“What SLT does to Pilates, SLT Yoga will do to yoga,” explains Amanda Freeman, SLT’s owner and co-founder of Vital Juice. That means it’ll deliver a seriously amped up yoga experience with lots of sweaty cardio and loud music.

Freeman, who’s a fan of Maha Yoga and Yoga Hop in Los Angelos, recruited exhale’s Erin Jacques to create the SLT Yoga program. “Erin’s been my yoga instructor and friend for years,” says Freeman.

The multi-faceted program will focus on yoga’s physical aspects, meaning you can expect weights and plyometrics. There will also be a yoga bootcamp class. In other words, kettlebells are in; Kalabati breathing is out.

The first classes will start May 1, and the new studio fits 30 people. Freeman’s already scouting for a downtown home for SLT.

 SLT,  37 W. 57th St. (between Fifth and Sixth Aves.), Suite 703,