Smorgasburg’s pop-up at Whole Foods Bowery gets healthier this month

Yesterday, Rice & Miso Everyday took over the Smorgasburg pop-up shop inside Whole Foods Bowery.

Whole Foods BoweryYesterday, Rice & Miso Everyday took over the Smorgasburg pop-up shop inside Whole Foods Bowery, where it will be serving its organic brown rice balls and miso soup through March 5.

Since Smorgasburg Bowery launched in October, it’s hosted an array of delicious, but not quite nutritious, artisan vendors—like Milk Truck Grilled Cheese and Mighty Quinn’s barbecue. Rice & Miso will provide lighter fare for downtown lunch hunters.

And Whole Foods Bowery also announced that it will be debuting Smorgasburg Snack Bar on its second floor in March, where vendors from the Brooklyn Flea’s popular food fest will have permanent retail offerings. They’ll range from the decadent (homemade doughnuts and s’mores pies) to protein-packed almond and cashew milks from OMilk.

“Our partnership with the Brooklyn Flea continues to grow as we have the same goal in mind—to discover and develop up-and-coming local producers,” Elly Truesdell, Whole Foods Market’s local forager for the Northeast region, said in a press release.

It’s a pretty cool idea—as long as they don’t forget to forage for vegetables once in a while.

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