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Running shoes

By Siobhan O’Connor for



You already know better than to wear pumps all day, every day. And we’re going to guess you can resist the temptation to pick a shoe (well, a running shoe, at least) based on looks alone. But even the most reasonable, unfussy runners and walkers might be making poor choices when it comes to shopping for the right shoe, according to podiatrist Katherine Dux, DPM, of Loyola University, Chicago.

To test her theory that improperly chosen sneakers might be a culprit in chronic foot pain for runners, she piloted a first-of-its-kind study yesterday at the Bank of America Marathon in Chicago. She and her team surveyed athletes with foot and ankle injuries onsite during and after the marathon, and their findings—which we’ll report on as soon as we get them—could be a boon for walkers and runners everywhere.

This is the first time that researchers have studied the general (athletic) population—as opposed to people already afflicted with foot problems, such as diabetics, the elderly, and people with gout. But since their findings are not yet available, and it’s race season all over the country—check out our inspirational 0-to-5k Countdown and Race Finder to find one near you—we put together some tips to get you active outside, pain-free.

Keep reading to find out how to pick the right running shoes for you…

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