So you have to watch the Super Bowl? 5 healthy ways to make the best of it

Sundays are precious. Here are 5 healthy things you can do while feigning interest in the Giants–Patriots rivalry about to explode in a living room near you.

bored woman watching football

If you have a spacious living room, own a really nice, large TV, or are known for your party hosting abilities, you may have already been roped into hosting a Super Bowl soiree by your significant other.*

Which could be fun (friends, food, etc.)—except for the whole Super Bowl part.

We came up with five healthy things you can do while feigning interest in the Giants–Patriots rivalry (for 17 hours). Just be sure to listen for other people’s applause before you fake a cheer.

1. Experiment with spring nail polish colors. This weather is making us think of pretty spring nails. Brush on a few of Priti NYC’s pre-spring After the Snow collection to test colors. (What snow?)

2. Do a wheat grass shot every time the Giants get a touch down. Just tell everyone you made green beer for the occasion. (Wait, that’s not the Giants’ color?)

3. Practice your meditation skills. You’re always using lack of time and distractions as an excuse for not meditating. Here’s a chance to focus on your inner being while drowning out grunts and whistles. No one will even notice; they’ll be focused on the whatever-down-it-is. Plus, inner life is hot.

4. Soak your cashews, almonds, or beans. The hours of soaking required to make homemade cashew or almond milk or to cook with fresh, rather than canned, beans are hard to come by. This is the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

5. Strengthen your core. Your couch is about to be end-zone-dance central, so offer to sit on the stability ball. If you can do Pilates while you walk, you can definitely get some ab work in while you sit.

*Yes, this story made the assumption that you might not like football, when in fact you do. In fact, you might be excited to be hosting a Super Bowl party. To which we weren’t invited. That’s okay. We’re not mad if you’re not. Go Giants!

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