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Vinnie MarinoVinnie Marino, the clean-and-sober Yoga Works Los Angeles-based yoga teacher known for being, well, clean-and-sober, is back in NYC this weekend at YogaWorks Soho. He’ll be teaching five Vinyasa Flow classes, which are vigorous, but not killer if you go the Kula. The one that stands out is the  Saturday Yoga & 12 Step Recovery class: “This workshop joins the yoga and recovery communities together and will consist of a one hour mixed level asana practice followed by comparing the philosophies as well as group sharing. All are welcome.”

The Times dubbed Marino, who’s open about being a recovering addict—and who got into teaching yoga via Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick—the Unlikely Yoga King. Marino might be the first teacher to formally take the 12 Steps to the yoga mat. But I’m pretty sure there are plenty of yogis in Vinnie’s recovery kingdom. The relationship of yoga to sobriety is pretty tangible: “The intensity of a drug addict to find peace is a similar thing to someone getting involved with a spiritual practice,” he said to the Times. “I think my drug history lets people know that we’ve all been through some heavy stuff and change is possible.” Which makes Marino and sober-yogis not so unlikely at all, really. Maybe just unrepresented.

Vinnie’s teaching schedule June 3-6
Thursday    4:15-6:15pm         —  Vinyasa Flow
Friday        7:30-9:30pm         —  Vinyasa Flow
Saturday    9:30-11:30am       —  Vinyasa Flow
Saturday  12:30pm-2:30pm     —  Yoga & 12 Step Recovery
Sunday    11:00am-1:00pm     —  Vinyasa Flow

YogaWorks Soho, 459 Broadway at Grand Street, 646-442-6203, Reserve in advance.