SoulCycle’s UES location to double in size

SoulCycle's Upper East Side location will more than double in size by Memorial Day. Look for two spin studios and showers in the upgraded new space.
A class in action at Soul Cycle's Upper East Side location


Many of SoulCycle’s most dedicated riders live on the Upper East Side where the studio is a very cozy 1,480-square-feet. Exiting the studio while the next class waits to enter can feel like getting stuck in a sweaty rugby scrum.

So it’s good news that the studio just announced its plans to expand into a neighboring space by Memorial Day, according to DNA Info.

The newly configured space will be 3,425-square-feet and will feature two studios: one with 30 bikes and a larger one with 70 bikes. They’re also adding showers. We’d venture to guess they’re expanding the retail space, too.

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