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SoulCycle launches beginner classes in New York

If you've never pedaled while bopping to Britney or worn a yellow wheel because you're a little nervous, Soul wants to change that.
SoulCycle Soho
With Soul 101, more riders might just be confidently walking through these doors. (Photo:

Going to class at SoulCycle often feels like getting on the list at a trendy nightclub. And if you’ve never pedaled while bopping to Britney or worn a yellow wheel, it’s natural to feel slightly nervous.

Evidence? A close friend of mine has had a gift card for months, which she won’t use until I go with her to act as a buffer/translator. But, I may be off the hook.

This week, the megabrand announced the launch of SoulCycle 101, an intro series for newbies. It’s an option more and more fitness brands are adopting. Bari introduced beginner classes just last week, and most CrossFit boxes require you to finish an six-class series before you hit your first WOD.

The 101 classes will debut on November 9 at Soul’s East 83rd Street and Soho studios in New York and will include three 60-minute classes on consecutive Saturdays, taught by 2–3 instructors per class—for extra hands-on help. Riders will learn basics like bike set-up, form, and how to work pedal clips, so they don’t get stuck in the saddle and miss dinner plans. Plus, they’ll get extra time to develop the rhythm needed to perfect pedaling to the beat and tapping back.

If all goes well, SoulCycle plans on expanding the program nationwide, which seems like a good idea since the brand has been growing at a lightning pace, and more studios equals more and more new riders. —Lisa Elaine Held

Email [email protected] to reserve your spot.