SoulCycle merch multiples—candles and iPhone cases hit the market

What do you think of SoulCycle's newest piece of merch—a $225 iPhone case covered in Swarvoski crystals?
This $42 candles comes in Soul's signature scent: pink grapefruit, white grapefruit rind, green vine accords, pink freesia, and passionfruit. For reals.


SoulCycle’s never made a secret of wanting to be a luxury lifestyle brand, with merchandise that complements the exercise experience.

SoulCycle's $225 iPhone case will be sold at all locations starting Feb 1

Their in-house apparel goes back almost to the company’s inception in 2006. Clothes that you wear during Spin (or wear after Spin to announce your allegiance) make sense.

Their candle collaboration with Jonathan Adler also stays on message. After all, the spin sanctuary is known for burning candles during class and they figured die hards would want to bring the grapefruit scent home.

But SoulCycle’s newest piece of merch—a $225 iPhone case covered in Swarvoski crystals—seems tone deaf to us because these are not exactly bling-y times we’re living in. Hello? Is anyone answering the landline at SoulCycle? This is reality calling.

Tell us what you think about SoulCycle’s newest product in the Comments section, below!

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