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SoulCycle opens spinning studios in Miami and Los Angeles

SoulCycle Mondrian Miami
The view from your SoulCycle spin bike at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach

The New York Post reports that SoulCycle, the popular NYC indoor spinning studio, is opening Miami and Los Angeles locations.

That’s on the heels of surprising news learned earlier this week that Flywheel Sports, SoulCycle’s competitor, is opening a spinning studio in Boca Raton, also in South Florida.

Proof that the fight for spinning dominance continues beyond the battlefield of New York City.

In Miami, SoulCycle is setting up a 30-bike studio at the trendy Mondrian Hotel in South Beach, which seems like a smart partnership based on cool factor. (The Mondrian could also use a big-draw amenity like this, since the hotel’s located on the bay, not on the beach.)

The Mondrian studio will be a peak-season pop-up, which will open by Christmas for the remainder of winter—perfect for the fit breed of snowbirds that flock to South Beach and Miami this time of year.

The Post didn’t say where exactly the Los Angeles SoulCycle studio will open, just that its launch date should be fall 2011. But, hey, there’s a Mondrian Hotel there, too…

Would you be taking your spinning shoes on vacation to Miami this winter? Tell us in the Comments section, below!