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SoulCycle wants you to dance while you spin


SoulCycle is adding some more rhythm to its spin classes with a new Saturday night SoulDanceParty, announced this Monday.

In an email, the cult-brand said they’re “redefining what it means to dance on the bike. You can expect the sickest beats, new moves on the bike, special effects, a surprise beverage, and a whole lot of sweating.”

This comes on the heels of another rockin’ class we attended recently, where instructor-DJ Kym Perfetto debuted her new EP by spinning while spinning. (See the video, below!)

Soul’s dance revolution is following in the footsteps of yoga outfits like Get Your Dance On and Laughing Lotus, who have been transforming classes into nightclubs (or dancing the night away after class) all year long.

Just be careful—dancing on a bike requires way more core stability and caution than “dancing your flow” on a yoga mat.

Would you kick off your Saturday night with your peeps at a SoulDanceParty ? Tell us in the Comments, below!

SoulDanceParty with Danny Koppel, Saturday at 6:00 p.m., Union Square location only. Register here.