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Kick back in the communal living room in between yoga classes


On April 14, jet away with Solset Escapes to a private villa on Ilha Grande, an unspoiled island off the coast of Brazil, just 70 miles from Rio. Picture six glorious nights without bosses, Blackberries, or MTA delays.


Just you, a dozen other yogis, and Marco Rojas (pictured left), the graceful, gifted yoga instructor, who’s a star on the New York City yoga scene. Marco’s classes playfully encourage an inner focus that results in powerful changes to your practice.


An aerial shot of the private villa and beach

Your six nights in paradise (April 14–April 20) will include:

• Daily morning and sunset yoga classes with Marco
• Sunbathing and novel-reading on the private white sand beach
• Discovering hidden coves on a Pirates of the Caribbean-style schooner
• Hiking through lush rainforest to the surrounding waterfalls
• Kayaking or stand-up paddling to blue lagoons
• Or kicking back at the luxurious villa, which has a hot tub, a pool, and a full gym

A private chef will prepare all of your healthy meals in conjunction with a holistic nutritionist. In fact, the villa comes with a staff of 12. Kripalu this is not. You’ll be living the (mindful) jetset life with Solset Escapes.

Book by February 5, 2012, and get 10% off (prices start at $3,200).  Reserve your spot today by emailing Jacqueline Teunissen at [email protected]