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Stressed out New Yorkers, meet the city’s new meditation labyrinth

LabyrinthWalking through labyrinths as a form of meditation is a super old practice, and one that’s popular at top clear-your-head destinations, from Miraval Spa to fave yoga retreat spot Heathen Hill.

Now, New York City is also home to a permanent meditation labyrinth, inside Marble Collegiate Church (a famous center of progressive spirituality) on Fifth Avenue and 29th Street.

Approximately 24 feet in diameter, the labyrinth’s rings provide a space that encourages you to let go of your stress and re-center your focus. “We built the labyrinth to give people a contemplative space in a sacred building,” says senior minister Dr. Michael B. Brown. “We encourage people to walk the labyrinth in silent meditation and quiet reflection about whatever issues are pressing.”

Dr. Brown says that there’s no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth–you can go at your own pace (although your running-for-the-subway speed is not recommended) and create your own meditative experience. It typically takes 10-30 minutes.

And don’t worry, unlike a maze, there are no dead ends or tricks to finding your way out. So the only thing that will get lost is your frantic mindset. —Natz Soberanes

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