4 things you should know about the summer solstice-full moon combo

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Today marks the summer solstice—AKA the longest day of the year—and it just so happens to fall on what astrologists call a Sagittarius full moon, making the sky truly a sight to be seen (and to document on social media, of course).

But that’s not all: This special alignment of the stars, moon, and sun does some pretty rad things to your psyche as well. Even if you’re not one to buy a newspaper solely for your horoscope, today’s super moon and sunlight combo is something you should pay attention to, as some of the most astute astrological watchers say it gives off particularly potent high vibes that you can harness.

So what does this mean for you, exactly?

Read on for four tips from in-the-know astrologers on how to best reap the benefits from the sky today.

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1. Get creative

According to the Astro Twins Ophira and Tali Edut, today marks a powerful point for personal illumination. They advise you to sit down with a journal to track the wisdom of your heart, and let the creativity flow through—perhaps it can even “give birth to transcendent works of art,” as the twins predict. (Um, yes please!)

“Plant yourself somewhere that inspires you on Monday and be a vessel for the muse,” they advise. Perhaps you want to get to the nearest body of water or greenery ASAP—or maybe even a rooftop, if you can.

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2. Optimize your increased perception

Not only are we getting the most daylight of the year today, but the full moon offers “a moment in the lunar cycle of maximum illumination,” according to Kimberley Pete Dewhirst of The Numinous. In other words, your intuition—or third eye—will be in full gear, picking up on matters in your life that are normally more dim to your perception.

“This is one of the reasons everything feels so overwhelmingly hard right now,” says Dewhirst. “But this combination can also be a very, very useful and poignant time for gaining insight into what’s really going on—evaluating what has recently come to pass, in the greater collective and in our own lives.”  So listen to your gut this week.

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3. Embrace spontaneity

Who wouldn’t want to be a bit more uninhibited? Astrology hub Gostica says that today’s full June moon is the most cheerful and expansive, and works with the Gemini alignment in the stars to bring a youthful, spontaneous energy to the day.

“It invites us to move, to make new acquaintances, to be outdoors as much as possible, to travel, and to give more space to the carefree and spontaneous playfulness that can make life so much more pleasant and light,” write the experts at Gostica. If you were originally planning to simply Netflix and chill this evening, you might want to opt for a last-minute outdoor sweat sesh with your friends instead.

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4. Keep your eyes on the horizon

“With so much energy in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, we’re bound to be busy and distracted,” says Lennon Mara of Moon + Quartz. (Yup, sounds about right.)  She says that this solstice calls for faith—and patience.

According to Mara, as you find yourself being pulled in all different directions, “don’t worry about taking practical steps or planning now; just keep your eye on the horizon of where you want to go, practice gratitude for whatever is showing itself in your life, and work to embody your ideals in every passing moment.”

If you have time to fit in some cardio within the next few days, she highly recommends you do so, as it sweats out toxins and negativity.

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