Summer vacay body, 3 weeks to get it!

With summer vacation upon us—and the promise of long weekends at the beach and sunbathing in Prospect Park—we're presenting four summer shape up plans to get you bikini bod-ready.

The glam website StyleCaster approached us back in March to create four programs for getting bikini-ready for Spring Break. They asked us to engineer a 4-week plan, a 3-week plan, and so on.

Now with summer vacation upon us–and the promise of long weekends at the beach and sunbathing in Prospect Park–we’re running these four summer shape-up plans on our site. Last week we ran the first installment.

This week, we bring you the three-week plan for banishing the winter bulge.

Do a meal-based cleanse to kill junk-food cravings
New Yorkers are over those deprivation diets. What’s hot now are meal-based vegan cleanses like Joulebody Kickstart that substitute cleaner food and nutrient-rich juices for your regular (not-so healthy) choices. The organic menu items help curb cravings (high in fiber, low in sugar) and promote natural weight loss. An average 3-day cleanse comes with two meals, three juices and one Cacao Balance Brownie per day. You’ll walk away feeling lighter and cleaner.

Use the scary buttons on the treadmill
If you’re reading Us Weekly on the elliptical, you’re not really putting yourself in a fat-burning zone. To ramp up your metabolism, sign up for a high-intensity Treadzone, Tread and Shred, or Tabata class at Equinox. These interval-based classes turn the treadmill into a butt-whooping tool. You’ll run at top speed to hit your cardio breaking point, then rest and do it again. It’s one of the those depleting yet energizing workouts, used by runners and athletes, that will get you in great shape for poolside chaise lounging.

Buy a 10-class card at a vinyasa yoga studio
Anyone who thinks yoga is easy is doing it wrong – or is a decathlete. From New York-style vinyasa flow classes, like at Kula Yoga Project, to the killer combo classes, like Caponyasa (capoeira meets yoga) in a hot room, will have you producing more sweat than a runway model in 7-inch heels. You’ll tone your arms and abs with dozens of chaturangas (the yoga push-up), and strengthen and shape your legs with killer quad-quivering poses. Ommm to that!

Start building your non-carcinogenic tan
There’s an unspoken beauty rule that bodies look better tan – but how to get the look without introducing early wrinkles or putting yourself at risk for skin cancer? Sunless tan! You don’t want to go from cubicle pale to bronze goddess in a day, so start applying your Chocolate Sun organic self-tanners now. It doesn’t have that horrid chemical smell, and the active sunless tanning ingredient (DHA) come from beets!

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