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Come August, with the opening of Superstar Gym, you might see more bodybuilders strutting up and down Greenwich Street than willow-y workout ladies.


Slide over Bari Method and Tracy Anderson, there’s a new fitness studio muscling onto the streets of north Tribeca, a neighborhood known as a catwalk for low-key willow-y celebs like Naomi Watts, Jennifer Connelly, and Gwyneth Paltrow.


But come August you might see more macho men in muscle tanks strutting up and down Greenwich Street. Superstar Gym is set to open in the next 4–6 weeks in one of the storefronts attached to the rental building, Tribeca Truffles.

The 4,000-square-foot studio will use high-end Italian fitness equipment to take the “average behind-the-desk worker” to a whole new level of fit, says Joe DiAngelo, founder of Superstar. It looks like the goal here is not necessarily a Ballet Beautiful body. Instead, the focus is on bodybuilding and serious strength training.

DiAngelo’s gym will offer personal training sessions led by world champion bodybuilders, as well as cardio boot-camp classes. All classes and sessions are based on the “European approach to fitness,” says DiAngelo, which is tied to the Italian equipment. Though, not for lack of inquiry, we’re not quite sure what that means. —Jenna Holt