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September is time to refocus—but with work deadlines and the general busy-life grind creeping up on your calendar, you’re already feeling nostalgic for summer vacay.

One thing you can control? The quality of your sleep, which is essential for bringing your best every day. That’s where Natrol Melatonin comes in.

In case you didn’t know, melatonin is a natural hormone that helps nudge your body into sleep mode. Even though it’s produced by your own body, office dwellers (wired from staring at laptop screens) and moms (stressed from the back-to-school situation) can sometimes use a melatonin boost.

And by adding it in supplement form, you could help yourself drift off faster—instead of thinking about your to-do list—and actually rest once you do start snoozing.

Share a photo of your must-haves for better sleep with hashtags #SleepOwned and #MomSupplies on social, and you could score a wellness kit with essential oils, herbal teas, and, of course, melatonin as part of Natrol’s giveaway.

Learn more about how melatonin can upgrade your sleep—and bring on the zzz’s.

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