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Surfset finally brings its surfboard-centered workout to the beach

Well, not really. The classes will be inside Exhale's spa at Revel, Atlantic City's newest resort. So after class, you can paddle into the waves to test your new skills (and core strength).


Surfset Fitness is bound to feel-at home in its new location.

After wrapping its Chelsea Market pop-up, the company just launched classes at Exhale’s new 30,000 square-foot luxe spa at Revel, Atlantic City’s mega-hyped new high-brow resort and casino.

So, for the first time, you may be able to hear real waves crashing as you hop up and “paddle” on your RipSurferX.  (Well, probably not, but you can at least imagine them right outside the walls, just across the boardwalk.)

The classes, which are currently all taught by co-founder Mike Hartwick, are being offered alongside equally ab-attacking Core Fusion sessions, so your six-pack should be in great shape for the beach.

In a few weeks, the Surfset team will also show up in the Hamptons—location TBD…

At this rate, New York and New Jersey beaches will be teeming with new surfers who have already honed their moves indoors.