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News to know! Why Well+Good is switching to @iamwellandgood on social media

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Photo: Stocksy/Tina Crespo; Stocksy/Ellie Baygulov

When Well+Good started the #iamwellandgood hashtag on social media in January 2015, we encouraged totally honest sharing of what wellness really looks like, in all its sweaty, unfiltered imperfections. (Seriously—we don’t all have 30 minutes to style a smoothie bowl or perfect post-workout hair.)

Since then, the #iamwellandgood Instagram hashtag has grown to more than 217,835 and counting, with everyone from unicorn-latte newbies to the wellness scene’s most influential figures tagging their real life wellness wins—and misses—and creating a space for transparently gorgeous, double-tap worthy snapshots.

Starting today, we’re switching from @wellandgoodnyc to @iamwellandgood across all of our social feeds.

The hashtag isn’t just a cute pun that Well+Good readers have come to love, it’s a philosophy that speaks to tens of thousands of people online and IRL who are pretty sure there’s no such thing as wellness perfectionism. And even if there were, it’s not a goal worth chasing.

Which is why starting today, we’re switching from @wellandgoodnyc to @iamwellandgood across all of our social feeds. (That’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, FYI.)

#iamwellandgood isn’t just a cute pun, it’s a shared philosophy among those who are pretty sure there’s no such thing as wellness perfectionism.

What else is behind the switch? Our ongoing shift toward more good-for-you intel no matter where you live—not just New York City where Well+Good started seven years ago—since the wellness revolution is now a global one.  And our readers are everywhere.

So follow @iamwellandgood across social for all the inspiring (but not always flawless) yoga poses, healthy travel shots, and it-legging alerts you need—and continue sharing your own pics for a chance at some #regramlove.

Through Labor Day, we’ll also be spreading your healthy summer pics when you tag #99DaysofSummer—so start snapping! Hey, at the very least, Instagramming that super fresh smoothie bowl (unblended blobs included) may just make it taste that much better.

Want to get featured on Well+Good’s social channels? Follow @iamwellandgood and tag us to stay in the crazy-beautiful loop. And remember: Keep sharing your sunny adventures with #99DaysofSummer!

Photo: Stocksy/Tina Crespo & Ellie Baygulov