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You’re no naïf when it comes to nutrition. You know that omega-3 fatty acids improve your metabolism, immune system, and brain performance.

What’s less well known is that omega-3s “moisturize from the inside” and bestow a slew of beauty benefits. Here are three reasons to make getting your omega-3s a health and beauty priority—and SmartyPants gummies for grown-ups makes it easy.

1. Healthy, lustrous hair
Omega-3s nourish hair follicles, ensuring a lustrous sheen that no conditioner can provide. They also combat brittleness and dry scalp.

2. Clear, hydrated skin
Suffer from sensitive, dry, or acneic skin? You’re probably omega-3 deficient. Studies show that essential fatty acids reduce acne and inflammation, and getting enough is the number one criteria for healthy, glowing skin.

3. Stronger, split-proof nails
Omega-3s are responsible for strong, healthy nails that won’t split every time you reach in your handbag.

SmartyPants gummies for grownups are an excellent source of omega-3s DHA and EPA. They’re made fresh in Venice, California, from eco-friendly small fish, and have no unpleasant aftertaste. In fact, they’re downright delicious and you get to have six gummies a day.

Unsure if you’re getting enough omegas to reap their health and beauty benefits?
Supplement with SmartyPants!

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