The all-in-one vitamin that’s super easy to swallow—get 20% off!

Meet the all-in-one multitasking vitamin that contains fish oil, your daily Vitamin D allowance, and 8 other key nutrients. The fun part? You munch on them 6 times a day and they're 20% off!

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Your laptop bag doubles as your gym bag. You use an exfoliating cleanser to cut out a skin-care step.

So why are you still buying five bottles of supplements and fish oil when you can get everything you need in one product?

That’s why we’re flipping for SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for Grown-Ups. They are formulated with a refreshingly simple mission: to deliver all the nutrients most diets lack. You take six a day, meaning you can leave them next to your computer at work and snack on them between meetings.

Here are six reasons to start munching on these six-a-day gummy multivitamins—no water needed!

1. They contain fish oil (aka Omega 3s)! That’s unheard of for a multivitamin. Plus, it’s derived from eco-friendly small fish.

2. They provide your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D—plus B vitamins (for stress, mood boost, and energy), and 8 more key nutrients.

3. No sugar bomb. Smartypants uses only natural sweeteners like organic cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup! Six gummies contain a total of just 8 grams. (By comparison, a Vitamin Water has 33g of sugar.)

4. No fish oil burps or icky aftertaste. So no Altoid chaser required.

5. They’re made in California. The company was founded by two health-conscious parents in Venice Beach searching for a high quality children’s vitamin (no thank you, Flintstones).

6. No artificial colors or flavors. The vitamins come in lemon, cherry, and orange flavors and feature only natural flavors and colors, like from carrots and turmeric.

And did we mention that a one-month supply is just $24.95? Plus, SmartyPants is offering Well + Good readers 20% off all products:  Click here to get yours!

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