The app that puts New York fitness on the map

Fitmapped differentiates itself from other workout directory sites by being all about geography, and with its mobile app, it utilizes your location to the max.


Workout directory and booking sites have been popping up all over the internet this year, each one putting a twist on the way you search for and find a fitness studio. Fitmapped differentiates itself by being all about geography, and with its mobile app, it utilizes your location to the max.

“I thought ‘If I can find every Mexican restaurant in Tribeca, why can’t I find every fitness studio in Tribeca?” says Michelle Velasquez, an attorney who founded the company with nutritionist-personal trainer Anita Mirchandani.

The website uses this click-by-neighborhood map, which then takes you to a Google map.

Using GPS, you can let your iPhone determine your location and then search for gyms and classes in your neighborhood, refining results by type of activity (Pilates, dance), category (strength, cardio, flexibility, or any combo of the three), and price range. (Note: Unsurprisingly, the one-dollar-sign price option often yields 0 results in New York.)

Once you select a studio, you get a brief description, user reviews, and sometimes a class schedule with booking. The app has a button you can hit once to call the studio directly, and it’s generally super user-friendly.

Fitmapped makes sense for New Yorkers who aren’t sure where to work out or have just moved, but it seems to have limited appeal for fitness buffs who have a weekly schedule packed with SoulCycle, As One, and Bar Method classes that they rarely stray from. Velasquez says they’re courting those people by making the site a social destination and a place to find information on new workout spots.

The company is set to launch a Los Angeles version in about a month, and if all goes well, Chicago and Boston are on the short list. Which would make working out on business trips a heck of a lot easier. —Lisa Elaine Held

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