Five to Follow on Instagram

Crazy cool, totally healthy, and super gorgeous accounts you should be following on Instagram, if you're not already.
five-to-follow-instagram-well-and-goodEach week in our Anywhere Edition email we spotlight a few awesome Instagram accounts that we love to follow—inspiring yogis, wellness gurus, healthy foodies (okay, a lot of healthy foodies), and more.

So you can be sure to double-tap with us, here’s a recap of five hot-and-healthy Instagram accounts we love.

Because who doesn’t love scrolling through photos of crazy backbends, quinoa falafel bowls, and inspirational quotes while  waiting for your spin class to start or your juicer to finish pressing your green blend. Us!

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Clean-food-dirty-city-healthy-eatingClean Food Dirty City (@cleanfooddirtycity)

Warning: you’ll get serious lunch and dinner envy from this Instagram handle. The colorful bowls filled with cauliflower, avocados, beets, eggs, and more never get old—even if you don’t end up making anything.


Talia-Sutra-InstagramTalia Sutra (@talia_sutra)

Cool yoga poses, cool backdrops…just plain cool.


raw-vegan-blonde-instagram-carrotsThe Raw Vegan Blonde (@rawveganblonde)

This account turns seasonal veggies into mini works of art.


truth-bomb-danielle-laporte-Danielle Laporte (@daniellelaporte)

Sometimes, you just need a little pick-me-up—and “fire starter” Danielle Laporte’s quotes do just that.


healing-belle-chocolate-cups-caramel-fillingHealing Belle (@healing_belle)

Belle Gibson’s Instagram features gorgeous photos of food, travel, and inspiration all in one. And how could anyone resist staring at Chocolate Cups filled with “Caramel” (AKA date paste and tahini).


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