The Biggest Loser debuts new season without a female trainer

The Biggest Loser
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Way back in 2011, we wished that some of TV’s unhealthiest shows, like NBC’s The Biggest Loser, which places much more emphasis on extreme weight loss and dieting, would disappear in the New Year. We didn’t get our wish, and now, The Biggest Loser returned last night for a 13th season of yelling and sweating and the occasional bouts of vomiting.

But there’s something missing this season–a female personal trainer for the contestants to choose from. Really, NBC? Way to set your female participants up for success by offering someone they feel comfortable with.

Last spring, it was announced that uber-motivator Jillian Michaels was leaving the show, because she was having a baby. NBC decided to take the opportunity to replace her with tennis star Anna Kournikova, and make some tweaks to the show, like moving toward goals that were more motivated by fitness than by weight.

Of course, that part didn’t really last long–dramatic weight loss fetches better ratings–and neither did Anna. Instead, we saw last night, there are two male trainers: the beloved Bob Harper, and returning hearthrob Dolvett Quince. Which means, for the first time since the show debuted, contestants don’t have the choice of a female.

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