The bottom line on eggs

Bedeviled by eggs? Here’s the truth, unscrambled.

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Of all the foods in the breakfast brigade, one stands out as the most misunderstood: the incredible edible egg. What’s the deal with eggs, anyway? One day, researchers find they’re worse for you than cigarettes (a study, by the way, that incurred heavy criticism), and the next day, they’re being hailed as the ultimate superfood.

And here’s even more confusing egg news to add to the mix: A recent study from Yale University found that people with coronary heart disease could safely eat two whole eggs a day for six weeks without experiencing any negative consequences to their blood pressure, cholesterol, or body weight. And another study from the University of Connecticut found that adults with metabolic syndrome could eat three eggs a day when on a carb-restricted diet without any problems—and the eggs actually improved their good cholesterol.

That’s great news for omelet-vores everywhere. But has the tide officially turned in favor of eggs? Lead author of the Yale study David Katz, MD, MPH, founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center and Prevention advisory board member, thinks so. “Overall, the research has gone a very long way to exonerating the egg,” Dr. Katz said. “The evidence is really overwhelming that dietary cholesterol exerts minimal effects on blood cholesterol levels.” That’s important, considering that cholesterol is the main reason people tend to nix eggs from their diet.

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