The Clarisonic Brush and other exfoliation debates—where do you stand?

The natural beauty mavens at never thought they'd use a Clarisonic Brush, until they were gifted one.

By Alexandra Spunt for

Because I rarely wash my face, let alone exfoliate it, I did have a moment’s pause when my very wonderful mother-in-law (and I’m not just saying that!) offered me a Clarisonic Mia brush for Christmas.

She’d thought this one through, not only having my husband check in with Siobhan, but also offering the gift with a clear message: You can exchange this for anything you want at Nordstrom’s. Easy.

But as I stared at the pretty peachy brush, marketed for sensitive skin, I just couldn’t quite keep my paws off of it.

I’ve been hearing about the Clarisonic for years now, and while I’m deeply wary of over-exfoliation, or any exfoliation—living in fear of sacrificing natural oils and that protective top layer of skin cells that seals moisture in and keeps bad stuff out—I just didn’t think I could pass up the chance at trying the thing. Even as the discount rack at Nordstrom’s called my name.

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