The company that takes your money when you skip your workouts

Gym-Pact is a new fitness tech company that deducts cash from your bank account when you skip your workouts. It also pays you for not slacking off.


There’s a new fitness tech company in town that treats you like a Catholic school child living in fear of the nun in charge.

Except, instead of a ruler wrist-slap for not doing your homework, this disciplinarian deducts cash from your bank account when you skip your workouts. Seriously.

Gym-Pact was founded by a Harvard alum who was inspired by the concept of motivation via immediate consequences, which she learned in her behavioral economics class.

To use Gym-Pact, you’ll need an iPhone, and you set the penalty (at least $5 per workout missed) when you first surrender your credit card info.

Gym-PactYou also have to agree to a system of forcible Foursquare, where you check in at the gym/yoga studio/Spin studio when you get there. And Gym-Pact uses GPS to make sure you’re actually there.

Consequently, working out at home doesn’t count, because the technology can’t yet tell if you’re squatting and lunging or eating Rice Dream while watching Modern Family.

The good news: If you sweat as much as you promised, Gym-Pact rewards you each week by redistributing the funds they collected from slackers.

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