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veganBy Briana Rognlin for

If the slate of vegan celebrities, cookbooks, restaurants, and chefs isn’t enough to push it over the tipping point, The Cooking Channel is doing their part to push veganism into the mainstream this Sunday, with their new show, “How To Live To 100.” Led by celebrity vegan chef, Jason Wrobel (whose Youtube videos are already a sensation online), the show could be more than just a resolution-helper for the temporarily healthy: It really is the first big cooking show to center around veganism–not weight loss or cutting calories with aspartame–and we’re hoping that it succeeds.

In a recent interview with Eco Vegan Gal, Whitney Lauritsen, Wrobel explains that he sees the show as a “first step in bringing longevity ingredients, simple plant-based recipes, and getting people excited about making this food, trying it maybe for the first time, and introducing a mainstream audience to a more healthful fun and exciting way of eating.”

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