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The coolest Fashion’s Night Out event we’ve seen so far

TACFashion’s Night Out was created with good intentions: to energize an ailing industry.

But in recent years, that energy has turned into a cupcake-, champagne-, and celeb-fueled frenzy.

You think sample sales are bad? Try walking down Broadway while thousands of 21-year-old women bum-rush Kim Kardashian.

If you still feel compelled to venture out, we’ve found the coolest, most Zen-sounding event in town: EcoSalon’s Sustainable Fashion Party at the Textile Arts Center.

Sip tea, sustainable wines, or cocktails made from FAIR spirits (quinoa vodka and goji berry liquer!) while you shop the collections of over a dozen sustainable fashion designers.

Plus, purchases come with natural beauty gifts from brands we heart like Kahina Giving Beauty and Stark Skincare, and a healthy dose of ethical fashion education is included.

EcoSalon’s Sustainable Fashion Party at the Textile Arts Center, 26 W. 8th Street, at MacDougal St., 6:30–9:30 p.m.,