The Creem collection brings a logo-free edge to New York City fitness fashion

Into the scene speckled with Lululemon and Be Present, steps Creem, a movement-inspired line without logos or the tell-tale trimmings of fitness fashion at all.
Creem top

Yoga and fitness fashion in New York City is dominated by big name designers, with Lululemon and Be Present logos visible on many a downward dog—or downtown shopper.

Into this market steps Creem, a still unknown indie line that favors fluid shapes, fabrics made from organic and recycled fibers—and doesn’t announce itself with a prominent logo. In fact, you might not think of it as fitness fashion at all.

creem collection

Designer Raina Blyer was inspired to create Creem when she noticed how super fashion-conscious New Yorkers were, even in yoga class. She ran with the idea of creating clothes for movement that had also cool factor, adding slats down the legs of yoga pants and embellishing tanks with ruffles, for example, so that the pieces segued smoothly from the streets to the yoga studio and back out into the world.

Creem Grace Dress $88
Creem Grace Dress, $88

“The pieces are totally cool to wear out of class and around the city,” says Blyer, who just debuted the Spring 2011 collection at the NOW Showcase, a forum that focuses on the newest independent, locally-produced fashion. “You don’t always want to be hauling around loads of clothing.” In other words, the clothes are made to perform without looking like performance wear.

Creem Venus tank
Creem Venus tank, $56

Creem, which gets its name from the creamy fabrics Blyer uses, is her solution to wearing your very nice yet tell-tale workout tank in public.

“Unlike a jog bra, Creem is cool enough to be worn all day, or layered with your every day,” Blyer says. “It’s really a new twist on a basics line.” Yogis may be the first group of customers to grasp that idea—the line currently retails at Kula Yoga Project in Tribeca. But they likely won’t be the only ones for long.

Creem is available at Kula Tribeca, and in Brooklyn at Charlie-n-diamond and Trunk,

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