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Mastin Kipp

“Okay, time for a 2012 check in. How are you doing with those dreams?” was the subject line of a recent email that landed in my inbox from The Daily Love.

It made me wonder if the author, Daily Love founder Mastin Kipp, had posed the question to himself the day he sent the email, and if he answered his own question with, “F*cking incredible!”

The Daily Love, a website and daily email that shares inspirational quotes and the spiritual musings and advice of Kipp and other wellness-world bigwigs, launched in 2005. Since then, its social media-friendly approach to spirituality (and just a little boost from a tweet by Kim Kardashian) has helped it explode into a serious force, with more than 500,000 Twitter followers.

At the center of it all is Kipp, an enthusiastic but understated 28-year-old whose entrepreneurial success is attributed more to following his heart than a business plan. “I don’t consider myself to be a guru or a thought leader or an expert,” he said on a call from Los Angeles. “I consider myself to be a guy who’s on a journey and just sharing what I’m feeling and thinking.”


Others may disagree. He just launched the fifth session of his online “Love Uni-versity,” five days of classes on finding “the wisdom of your fear.”

Mastin Kipp
The Daily Love now has over 500,000 Twitter followers, and Tweets are often Kipp’s own ruminations on life.

This month, he’s teaching a Love and Miracles workshop in Los Angeles with famed “spirit junkie” Gabrielle Bernstein, and he’ll be speaking at the sold-out Rich, Happy, and Hot Live conference alongside other wellness stars like Kris Carr.

In November, he’s speaking at an Urban Zen event and is planning an online summit he calls the Daily Love Extravaganza, where all of his spirit-centric friends will share online TED-style talks. He’s also running virtual and live group mentoring and has a publishing deal with Hay House.

It sounds a little overwhelming, but, thankfully, he meditates a lot.


So why are people drawn to Kipp’s quotation-circulating emails and off-the-cuff approach to figuring out life’s biggest questions?

Kipp says that he thinks his informal style and willingness to dish about his own challenges has created a sense of intimacy between him and his followers. “The more I can be transparent about what I’m going through, the better it serves people,” he says. He’s gone on the record about his own “Peter Pan” syndrome, a difficult spell with girlfriend Jenna, and more.

And as for where he can go from here, Kipp is, of course, trusting the universe.

“It’s kind of like having a child. The Daily Love has its own energy, and I see myself as a steward,” he says. “It’s not about what it becomes, it’s just about the impact it has on other folks. If they can step into the best, fullest version of themselves and transform their lives wherever they are, then it’s serving its purpose.” —Lisa Elaine Held

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