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Zumba’s new “Perfect Leggings,” pictured here, were not perfectly secured. (Photo: Zumba)

Will Zumba-branded leggings soon be sold in secret back alley shops like stolen Prada bags?

This week, a thief danced off with $1.5 million-worth of the mega-workout-brand’s new apparel collection. The leggings, harem pants, and sneakers—from Zumba’s brand-new fall/winter collection—were stolen from a truck that was on its way to the annual instructor convention in Orlando. (Personally, we would’ve lifted something like… Lucas Hugh? But that’s just us.)

And the event was not the first wellness-world caper. Last year, a man impersonating a delivery driver made off with a truck full of fresh BluePrint juices.

For now, the brand is offering a reward of $1,000 dollars in Zumba merch to anyone who has information that leads to the discovery of the goods. So if you’re a fan of the salsa-infused sweat session, maybe keep an eye out for a class-goer who seems to have those new leggings in every color imaginable. —Lisa Elaine Held

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