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The Farm on Adderley hosts a circa 1800s dinner

Farming Brooklyn
A farm in circa 1800 Brooklyn (Photo: Farm on Adderley)

Brooklynites may be gaga over farm fresh produce, but the locavore trend has been percolating in the borough since the mid 19th century.

To shine a light on Flatbush’s rich agrarian history, beloved Ditmas Park restaurant, The Farm on Adderley is hosting a four-course Pre-Industrial Dinner on Wednesday, January 25, at 7:30 p.m.

Chef Tom Kearney is still dreaming up the menu, but each dish will be inspired by ingredients and techniques embraced in the 1800s, an electricity-free, canning-happy era, when Brooklyn was flush with crops.

To offer cultural context, historic gastronomist Sarah Lohman of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum will be on hand to discuss the important role Flatbush played in New York City’s vintage farm network.

We’re also betting she’ll offer plenty of links between the past and what you fill up your tote bag with at the farmers’ market every weekend. Tickets are $69, not including beverages, tax, and gratuity. —Alia Akkam

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