The genius foam roller that doubles as a portable bag

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We’re looking for the next breakthrough in healthy travel. So we partnered with EVENⓇ Hotels to find the next big wellness necessity with a brand new competition called Mission Wellness: Seeking the Next Healthy Travel Innovation. More than 100 businesses gave us their best pitch, and we’ve narrowed down the field to the final 12—which means it’s time for you to get a say! Check out GoRoll below (and take a look at the businesses it’s up against), and cast your vote by October 20.


Foam roller that can also be used as a lockable storage bag

The problem

If there’s an ultimate wellness multitasker, the foam roller is it. Not only does it sooth sore, tight muscles, it also plays a key role in overall stress relief.  But as essential as rollers are to keeping your body in check, they’re generally too bulky to just throw in your workout or travel bag (or carry on to a plane—forget about it).

The solution

GoRoll has made the foam roller itself into a lockable bag that’s super easy to transport, whether you’re going to the studio or on a trip. The center of the GoRoll is hollow and waterproof, so you can tuck your yoga mat inside, stash valuables while you work out, or even use it as a carry-on, storing all of your go-to travel snacks and magazines. Oh, and the strap does double duty, too: When you’re not slinging the GoRoll over your shoulder, just detach the strap and use it for stretching.

The takeaway

If you stay active on the road or like to switch up your workout locations, the GoRoll makes it easy to bring your routine full circle wherever you are.

Could this be the winner? Check out the competition and cast your vote here! (And do it fast—polls close October 20.)

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