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A new Gallup survey reveals the best careers for physical and emotional health.
Happiest jobs in America

By Samantha Escobar for

Looking for a career that will make you happy and healthy? The effects of a job that makes you feel excited each day, as well as one that is conducive to great habits for your body can have an enormous impact on your life. Lucky for all of us, Gallup made a report that reveals the healthiest and happiest jobs in America. The survey inquired 170,000 interviews of U.S. adults about their emotional, fiscal and physical healths, as well as recording each of their jobs.

The healthiest eaters in America job-wise are, unsurprisingly, nurses—64.8% state that they had five or more surveys of fruits and vegetables four or more days the past week. They were followed closely by K–12 teachers (64.4%) and business owners (62.5%).

As for exercise, a whopping 65.5% of the farming, forestry and fishing industry stated they had exercised at least 30 minutes for 3 days in the past week. Given how generally unhealthy America is with regard to eating and activity, this is relatively quite high. They were followed by physicians at 59.6%, construction or mining at 58.9% and business owners with 57.7%. Nurses, who snagged the above title of healthiest eaters, still ranked rather high in this category at #5 with 57.2%.

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