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“Running Russell Simmons” premiering on the Oxygen network on November 2nd. Last May, media mogul and NYC man-about-town Russell Simmons shared his Sunday routine with the New York Times. For a self-made entrepreneur whose media empire includes record labels, clothing companies, online magazines, and so much more, Simmons seemed to have an awful lot of time for meditation, Jivamukti classes, and Bhagavad Gita tweeting.

Apparently, there’s a reason for that—a cadre of long-legged, perfectly-manicured women in stilettos and mini skirts that “run” Russell Simmons. Their world of planning his parties and mixing his vegan shakes will be revealed on November 2, when his new show, Running Russell Simmons, premieres on Oxygen.

According to a manager at Jivamukti, film crews visited the studio a couple of weeks ago, although they wouldn’t say which of their famed instructors will be appearing on screen.

Let’s just hope Simmons is sending his overworked model-esque assistants for classes there as well. From the trailer, it looks like they need some serious Savasana.