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Kim Kardashian's recent W Magazine cover

Two of the Kardashian sisters are unpacking their bags at Tribeca’s Smyth Hotel for an extended stay in our fair city while they film Kourtney and Kim Take New York, an E! TV show about their attempt to open a boutique in SoHo. So far, they’ve gone shopping and gotten in bar fights. Hopefully they’ll soon start to explore NYC’s wellness scene.

These are L.A. girls known for their devotion to QuickTrim, cupcakes, and fitness DVDs called “Fitting into your Jeans by Friday.” So, as wellness ambassadors of the Greater NYC Chamber of Commerce (in a semi-official capacity), we say, Welcome to NYC Kim and Kourt, where you can seriously upgrade your fitness regimen! And you’d better. If New Yorkers keep dumping drinks on you, duck, lunge, and sprint is an appropriate response.

kourtney and kim kardashian check into the Smyth Hotel in Tribeca
The Kardashians check into the Smyth Hotel

For the West Coast transplants we’ve pulled  some friendly tips and helpful resources from our Rolodex of worthwhile wellness options—a concierge service that we’ve also offered Gwyneth, who’s weight training needed some tweaking, as well as Demi, who loves Bikram and Master Cleanse (or did). So here’s how to step it up, ladies, with a list of NYC-suitable substitutions for your questionable health habits:

In LA, you loved QuickTrim
In NYC, try Organic’s Avenue’s LoveEasy, a food and juice combo that’s all about clean eating and common sense

In LA, Kim flipped for Barry’s Bootcamp
In NYC, experience Ariane Hundt’s girl power at Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp, just five minutes from your downtown digs.

In LA you tried to lose weight at a boxing gym
In NYC, try the stylish cardio-boxing studio Aerogym, and tap gloves with Leila Fazel