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Come upon Michael Chernow at any given moment on any given day and you’ll be struck by two certainties; he will be working extremely hard, and he will look exceptionally good doing so. The 32-year-old general manager and co-owner of the Meatball Shop, New York’s wildly popular, four-strong portfolio of restaurants, has spent the past 15 years working his way up the ranks in the industry. “I really feel as if I started my career when I was 13 years old,” he says. “Back then, I was delivering vegan food. But even before then, I was busy. When I was 10, 11 years old I was walking every dog in the neighborhood. I’ve always had an underlying drive to succeed.” Today, Chernow and his business partner Daniel Holzman run something of a meatball empire, stretching from Manhattan to Williamsburg, the Brooklyn neighborhood that he and his wife call home.

The passion and drive that Chernow applies to business are just as evident in his approach to fitness. So, in partnership with Mr. Porter, Q spent a day experiencing life as Chernow does—complete with work, family, friends, and, of course, an impressive calisthenics repertoire.

Keep reading to watch him in action and read about his commitment to good health…

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