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attends Miranda Kerr Hosts Reebok Women Luncheon at The London Hotel on November 12, 2015 in West Hollywood, California.There was a time when celebrities use to aspire to launching a signature perfume. Now it’s all about their passion for designing activewear—or their favorite meditation practice, how they do their makeup after hot yoga, or what green smoothie they’re obsessed with. Yes, this year, those in the spotlight have become full-fledged (geek-out-about-cute-leggings) members of wellness scene, with a lot of inspiring—and interesting—things to say.

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1. 5 super interesting facts about Kelly Ripa’s fitness habits
Starting with the fact that she wasn’t born athletic or very active at all. Really.

2. 6 things you’d never guess about Miranda Kerr’s wellness routine
The Aussie stunner loves her acupressure mat and the power of a Myers’ Cocktail. (FYI: It’s not a cocktail at all.)

3. 5 brilliant observations about fitness and body image from Lena Dunham
Such as, “You run with someone for an hour, you feel pretty good. Running for an hour does not make you feel worse.”

4. 5 healthy things you didn’t know about Lo Bosworth, TV star turned chef
She’s come a long way since her days on The Hills, like studying cooking under Dan Barber, working out six days a week, and nailing glowing skin.

5. The healthy habits Victoria’s Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton lives by
We chatted with the healthy supermodel about her go-to workouts, how she scored a boyfriend who’s a great cook, and why she’s craving some reflexology.

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