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Healthy menu alert: The new Freds at Barneys in Beverly Hills

(Photo: Tom Sibley for Freds at Barneys New York)
(Photo: Freds at Barneys New York)

Uber chic department store Barneys New York, in Beverly Hills, celebrated its 20th anniversary in late October with a major facelift. And it now includes an outpost of the New York City location’s famed Freds restaurant, which is serving as many healthy dishes as there are chic frocks on the racks downstairs.

Freds at Beverly Hills is the third location after New York City and Chicago, and while the menu is inspired by Italian and contemporary American cuisine, it comes with a “California spin” that leans toward fresh, veggie-focused dishes.

“The menu offered in LA is a bit lighter than other Freds locations,” explains executive chef Mark Strausman. “The weather in LA really lends itself to using fresh and very local ingredients. We visit various local farmers markets where we pick up the best of produce.”

Produce that’s then used in salads like the Kale and Raw Vegetable Salad (with beets, fennel, and blood orange), Freds Vegan Salad (with beans, black quinoa, arugula, and avocado), and fresh-pressed juices like the citrusy Laurel Canyon Virgin Sunrise and an orange-carrot-turmeric blend called Orange is the New Black.

(Photo: Tom Sibley for Freds at Barneys New York)
(Photo: Tom Sibley for Freds at Barneys New York)

That’s in addition to classic options like Estelle’s Chicken Soup (which the menu describes as “Grandma’s recipe to cure colds and stay thin”) and a selection of pastas that can all be ordered gluten-free.

The Sunset Menu, which will be offered in the late afternoon starting in January, will offer even more healthy plates, like Raw Vegan Cashew “Cheese” Dip with sliced fennel, celery and carrots, and Tuna Tartare with cucumber carpaccio and pickled ginger.

All of which sounds perfect for noshing on after working up an appetite trying on all of those Live The Process leggings. —Jamie McKillop

Freds at Barneys New York, 9570 Wilshire Boulevard, Fifth Floor, Beverly Hills, 90212,