The new juice cleanse that comes with shamanic healing

New York City’s newest cleanse, debuting next week at RAWvolution cafe, isn't just interested in purifying your body. It also wants to get your soul right.

juice cleanseCleansing can be hard.

Which is why popular juice cleanse companies like BluePrint Cleanse and Cooler Cleanse offer telephone support to those on their juice regimens. (A common question: “Can I still work out?”)

RAWvolution NYC is taking cleanse support to a whole new level. With your green juice comes a side of shamanic healing, if you choose. This Esalen-y New Age add-on is a first for the juicing genre.

RAWvolution, a new East Village raw-food cafe with a long-time Los Angeles outpost, will kick off their Living Liquid Cleanse next week.

The daily menu for 3- to 10-day cleanses is a standard combination of raw smoothies, juices, and soups.

But with your Superfood Soup and UtraGreen Smoothie, you’ll get an optional enhancement of Soul Healing from Parashakti, a “soul coach” and founder of “The Dance of Liberation,” a movement-based therapy based on ancient shamanic rituals.

RAWvolution's East Village storefront

“I feel very passionately that fasting or cleansing is the doorway to facilitating deep healing on every single level of the body, mind, and spirit,” explains Parashakti, who doesn’t use a surname. “It’s not a quick fix, it’s about how you use the experience and take it into your every day life.”

To that end, Parashakti’s therapy includes practices like solidifying your intention for the cleanse—or creating an altar, meditating, and dancing. “We’re rewriting your soul’s contract within seven foundations,” she says.

Parashakti, Soul healer and cleanse supporter

For some New Yorkers, the juices may go down easier than the shamanism.

But skeptics can benefit, too, says Parashakti. It’s not all sweat lodges and chanting. (Although she did meet Janabai Amsden, co-owner of RAWvolution, at a Native American spirit dance.)

The healing practices change based on what you’re comfortable with, such as substituting your daily workout for dancing. And the program might even help address the imbalances that led you to the cleanse in a deeper, long-lasting way. –Lisa Elaine Held

So, are New Yorkers ready for a side of shamanism with their juice fast? Tell us what you think in the Comments, below. 

Information on the cleanse, including rates, will be posted on RAWvolution NYC’s website and Facebook page after its official launch next week.

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