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Puma's Pumagility, which debuts on Black Friday, is the latest lightweight running shoe to hit shelves. And the only ones that look like moon shoes.

PumagilityRunning sneakers just keep getting lighter, and every single brand wants in on the action.

Enter Puma’s Pumagility, which will hit Finish Line’s shelves (and website) on Black Friday.

While not quite a “barefoot” running shoe, the Pumagility is super-light thanks to its interesting innovation—pyramid shapes that form the midsole.

Puma says the shapes “compress on impact and widen the shoe’s base to create a stable platform.”

We say, they kind of look like moon shoes (with a cute ’80s color palette).

The Pumagility launch comes on the heels of Adidas’ Adipure trainer, which came out just a few weeks ago, and New Balance’s Minimus, which also launched this fall, and is packaged with a warning.

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