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The oddest place to ski?

(Photo: Ski Dubai)

At the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, you can find the world’s largest selection of designer stores, the world’s largest Cheesecake Factory, and the world’s largest indoor snow park, called Ski Dubai.

Outside it’s 115 degrees with zero chance of precipitation, notes Barry Ennis, a fitness expert who teaches at Flywheel in the UAE city and tipped us off to its popularity. But inside, it’s 35, and everyone’s donning their down coats and gloves. “We generate our own crisp white snow first thing in the morning!” says Ski Dubai, which is emphatic about it being real snow. (A claim that’s equally exotic and ecologically challenging.)

Ski Dubai’s terrain is equivalent in size to three football fields. It has five runs of varying difficulty and length, and is 85 meters high, so you’ll need to ride the chairlift for the longer runs. And it’s had a lot of fit celebs sluicing down their slopes.

If the concept gives you the chills, skiing indoors does have its advantages. No sudden winter storms, and, hey, no sunburns around your goggles.

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