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The perfect gift for over-achievers, you!

Gaiam TV at Home
Get your Om on at home with Gaiam TV

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Give the Gift of Gaiam—to yourself!!

Who’s the most important person on your holiday gift list? She’s reading this e-mail right now.

That’s right, lady. You’ve been in overdrive since Thanksgiving, shopping for gifts, smiling through all the holiday events, and juggling work all the while.

Gaiam’s got the perfect gift—for you, from you. A discounted 3, 6, or 12-month membership to Gaiam TV.

Score deals off the already low $9.95/month price with a 3-month membership for just $25.

With Gaiam TV you never miss yoga with Seane Corn when your boss asks you to stay late. You can cue up a morning meditation with Deepak. And get schooled in Iyengar with Rodney and Colleen.

And unlike Marc Jacob’s latest handbag, this gift to yourself will make you feel good, not guilty. What are you waiting for?

Roll out your mat now!