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By Debbie Mandel for

Eavesdropping on a wide-range of adult conversations, you will overhear the ubiquitous chant, “I’m soooo tired.” True, many are fatigued because of the after effects of sleep deprivation, excessive caffeine, or junk food. So, why do people who get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet feel tired too?

If you wore ankle weights or a weighted vest, you would start to feel tired. This is how stress feels, weighing you down emotionally and physically. Are you aware that you live with powerful stressors night and day? Powerful stress hormones flow through your body enflaming your organs, metabolic processes and emotions, making your nerve endings raw.

The inflammatory response is exhausting and often leaves you with a negative perception making everything darker and more ominous. Fatigue is one of the most common stress symptoms that sends people to a doctor according to Consumer Reports On Health, Oct. 2012.

Keep reading for seven ways to reduce stress and get your energy back…

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