The stress effect: 3 ways to handle stress and avoid weight regain

A new study reveals that higher stress and depression are linked to weight regain. Here are three ways to deal with stress effectively.

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Researchers have known for years that physical stress is detrimental to our health and well-being. It is only recently, however, that psychological stress has become linked to a number of health complaints.

In fact, a study conducted by researcher Paula Rhode, PhD and her colleagues revealed that higher stress and depression were linked with weight regain, typically due to seeking comfort from food, especially calories from fat.

How we handle stress is up to us, but it could make a difference in weight loss success.

Rhode revealed in the study, “Incorporating stress- and mood-management techniques into future weight-loss programs may help to prevent or delay weight regain that occurs as a result of poor coping and/or increased high-risk or unhealthy behaviors.”

Keep reading for how stress affects us and three ways to handle stress effectively…

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